Tonight is blanketed in sweltering heat that costs thousands of disadvantaged their lives. No god nor spirit is responsible for this — only our own avatars of avarice. How useless a system we have chosen to live within; how arbitrary and self-serving, and ultimately short-sighted. Those selfsame avatars don’t care what kind of legacy they leave as long as they are rich in their lifetimes.

Who needs four horsemen when extinction is possible with a button?

This wasn’t supposed to happen. This was never supposed to happen.

Aurora illuminates my windows. Feathered children chirp in the trees below. Beyond is the wavering, slightly dissonant breathing of an awakening city.

Rebellious crimson brings dull but pervasive ache. It preoccupies me too much to do more than notice what lays outside my skin.

Comfort is fleeting.


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